Christmas Around the World

December 4th and 5th, Marriott Center
50th Celebration (1960 - 2009)



Christmas Around the World Gala Breakfast

Come and remember and renew old acquaintances. This CAW Gala Breakfast is not to be missed. Held in the new beautiful Hinckley Center on BYU campus, we will have a time to greet the artistic directors Mary Bee Jensen and Ed Austin followed by breakfast and a program. This event will truly help us celebrate the 50th Christmas Around the World concert! (Copy of the flyer that was emailed to the alumni list.)

The cost for the Gala Breakfast will be $15.00 which also includes the souvenirYou must register online to reserve your spot.   What a wonderful opportunity to once again relive old memories and make new friendships. See you all there!!!

There will be group seating so you can be by your friends reminiscing the years you danced together.

  • Saturday, Dec. 5th
    8:00 a.m. — 9:00 a.m. - Please come and visit with Mary Bee Jensen, Ed Austin, and your friends.
    9:00 a.m. — 11:00 a.m. - Breakfast will be served followed by a reunion program.
    11:00 a.m. — 12:00 noon - Visit and mingle with fellow alumni.
    2:00 p.m. — Leave for Christmas Around the World matinee performance.


2009 Christmas Around the World Tickets

The alumni have the opportunity to purchase tickets before anyone else this year. You don't want to miss these dates and lose your chance at selecting your seats first. If you've purchased tickets before through the ticket office, you may receive an additional notification that is being sent to all patrons. This is NOT the alumni promotional and will not get you the alumni discount.

The alumni promotional word is DANCERS.

  • Tuesday, Sept. 29 Oct. 2 at 9:00 a.m. (4 Days only Alumni Pre-sale)
    Concert tickets are $12 for alumni during pre-sale only! Alumni promo word: DANCERS, available online on Sept 29th - October 2nd (4 days only) at Tickets are NOT available before this date. (Special discounted $12 tickets for prime seats regularly $15 a ticket)

  • Monday, Oct. 5th
    Tickets on Sale to General Public (regular prices) 9:00 a.m.

  • General ticket prices
    Floor - $25
    Prime - $15 (Sections: 8,9,10)
    Outer/Upper - $12 (Sections: 5,6,7,11,12,13,101-113)

Online Buying Tickets: Go to on Sept 29th and get your alumni tickets reserved. Please tell anyone you know that may have not received this information. After October 2nd, the tickets are available to previous to purchasers and on the 5th to the general public.

We want all alumni to purchase at least one ticket to view the show from a good seat. We understand that some alumni will be performing three times and that they may wish to leave the concert when they are done during some of the performances, or that they may wish to watch the show once again. We will hold a small section for those wishing to view the show multiple times where they can sit without paying for a second or third seat. Family members must buy tickets!


Christmas Around the World Opener Performance

Hey Alumni! It's time to get serious about this year's Christmas Around The World, WE NEED YOU IN THE OPENER!

If any of you are interested in actually dancing please contact Dennis Hill. We need 64 to dance, and all other alumni to be part of the the “Parade of the Nations - Parade of the Past”. Email Dennis at or call him at 1-360-260-1981 to get on the list.

What we are asking you to do:

  1. 1. All Alumni participating in the concert need to learn the song "Sto Mi E Milo." We will be singing this as part of the opener. The words and the music are available for you to download/play, learn, and memorize! Sto Mi E Milo words in PDF format (PDF) Sto Mi E Milo MP3 song to hear the melody to practice (MP3)

  2. 2. We need 64 alumni to dance as part of the Opener. We will be dancing to "Sleigh Ride." The choreography will be easy to learn and reminiscent of the Openers from the past. If you want to dance, then you need to contact Dennis Hill before October 1, 2009. Email is and telephone is 1-360-260-1981.

  3. 3. Alumni not dancing but wanting to participate will be carrying international flags in couples. Men are to wear navy blue or black suit, long sleeve white shirt and red tie. Women are to wear navy blue or black suit, or dress or skirt with white blouse (No bow blouse required. Yes, this is reminiscent of the tour outfits worn by so many alumni!)

  4. 4. Alumni who want to dance need to fit into current folk dance costumes. Yes, that means if you want to dance you need to start running, dieting, and slimming down! Sorry, new costumes will not be made to accommodate.

  5. 5. Rehearsal Schedule - Alumni, who are dancing, report to the Richards Building folk dance room, Wednesday, December 2nd. Rehearsal begins at 9:00 a.m. We will be rehearsing all day and will be at the Marriot Center at night. Alumni carrying flags will need to report to the folk dance room in the Richards Building on Thursday morning, December 3rd, at 10:00 a.m. We will be part of the dress rehearsal on Thursday night and will be part of the Friday night show, and the two shows on Saturday. We will not be participating in the school children's Friday morning matinee. You are not required to stay for the entire show at each of the performances.


Alumni Mailing List

We have been diligently trying to gather emails of past alumni from all the eras.  However, there are still many alumni that we haven't been able to reach.  Please help us find these dancers and get them on the alumni mailing list. Even if some of the alumni are not able to attend in person, wouldn't it be great to keep them informed of this 50th Christmas Around the World celebration and have them connected for future folk dance activities.

  • Please send email contact information to Brent Lewis at  We will make sure they are added to the master alumni mailing list. It has been quite a labor of love to gather and connect alumni from 1959 to the present.  

  • Be sure to bookmark and visit our alumni web page for changes and new updates as we get closer to the concert and the reunion. (

Don’t forget to visit Mary Bee’s personal web site to and see what she is doing to keep busy. (


Alumni Folk Music Band - Orange Blossom Special

BYU Folk Music Alumni with the 2009-10 Band
Band alumni from the 1960s to 2008-09

The fiddle arrangement will differ some from the Orange Blossom Special Studio version. Here's how the Orange Blossom Special Studio version goes: (this is not the version we will be doing!)

Guitar intro
Mandolin Solo
Guitar interlude
Twin Fiddle Duet (fiddle 1, melody/harmony)
Guitar interlude
Guitar/Banjo Duet
Guitar interlude
Twin Fiddle Duet (fiddle 2, melody/harmony)

The arrangement for Christmas Around the World will go as follows:
    (this is the version we will be doing!)

Here is the sheet music and music for you to download, practice and learn.

Sto Mi E Milo words in PDF format OBS chords in D
Sto Mi E Milo words in PDF format OBS chords in E
Sto Mi E Milo words in PDF format OBS fiddle 1 harmony
Sto Mi E Milo words in PDF format OBS fiddle 1 melody
Sto Mi E Milo MP3 song to hear the melody to practice Orange Blossom Special Live
Sto Mi E Milo MP3 song to hear the melody to practice Orange Blossom Special Studio

Guitar intro

Twin Fiddle* (fiddle 1, melody/harmony) (alumni will play Chorus 1 and Chorus 2 -half will play melody, half will play harmony)

Guitar interlude

Mandolin/Banjo Solo/Duet (this is in the works right now-Erin Patterson on mandolin, Ryan Nickerson on banjo)

Guitar interlude

Fiddle Unison**(all alumni fiddlers will play) (listen to Orange Blossom Special Live—second time through—begins at 0:51 and ends at 1:37 in the timeline of the sample)

Guitar interlude

Twin Fiddle Duet*** (fiddle 2, melody/harmony)

Alina will play 4 beats then (to set the tempo and to prepare all alumni fiddlers to begin playing)

Finale Chorus**** (same as the chorus in Orange Blossom Special Live third time through—beginning at 2:22 [2:22 to end])


*Ashlee will play verse/descending parts, all alumni fiddlers will join in on Chorus 1/Chorus 2 (match the recording! The music for this section is included below—written music for Live version is not included)
**All alumni fiddlers will play prelude and chorus together (Alina and Ashlee might not play on this section at all). You probably already know the notes, but make sure your notes match the recording!
***Alina will play the verse/descending parts, Alina and Ashlee will play the fancy twin fiddle parts (no alumni on this part)
****All alumni fiddlers will join in on the finale chorus, and ending (match the recording!)
*****We will end (final note) abruptly with as big a "bang" as possible!

Alumni fiddlers will play on red sections, all musicians will play rhythm throughout—chord charts are below—some guitar/banjo players should play the chords in D with capo 2, others in E with no capo—the chord charts matches the Orange Blossom Special Studio version so please know that we will follow the order as prescribed above.

We would like to have all alumni ready to play with us as early as Tuesday, Dec. 1st, when we begin rehearsals Tuesday night. We especially need all musicians present on Thursday, Dec. 3rd, night because that is our dress rehearsal. Please let Mark Geslison know that you are planning to play, when you will arrive, and what instruments you play. Mark can be emailed at:

CATW 2009 Band: Ashlee Carroll (fiddle), Alina Geslison (fiddle), Ryan Nickerson (banjo/guitar), Jesse Christopher (percussion), Nabby Parkinson (guitar/voice), Tim Krumweide (bass), Erin Patterson (mandolin/voice).


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