Folk Dances

The following folk dance songs are available on the Folk Dance Classics Volume 1 and Volume 2 CDs. In the list below, there are 30 second samples of each song for you to listen to in MP3 ( MP3 ) format. Dance notes are available in a PDF ( PDF ) format. Short samples from the DVD () video gives a brief sample of what is on the teaching video. For CDs, DVDs, or additional information email Ed Austin at


Folk Dance Classics - Volume 1
Video Dance
Alunelul (Romania - Easy Beginning)
Bučimiš (Bulgaria - Intermediate)
Ciuleandra (Romania - Beginning)
Coček (Macedonia - Beginning)
Cotton-eyed Joe (USA - Beginning)
Dospatsko Oro (Bulgaria - Intermediate)
Doudlebska Polka (Czech - Easy Beginning)
Ersko Kolo (Serbia - Easy Beginning)
Jove Mala Mome (Bulgaria - Advanced)
Kriči Kriči Tiček (Croation - Intermediate)
La Bastringue (Canada - Beginning)
Lesno Oro (Macedonia - Beginning)
Salty Dog Rag (USA - Beginning)
Scatter Square Dance (USA - Easy Beginning)
Virginia Reel (USA - Easy Beginning)
Vulpita (Romania - Intermediate)
Folk Dance Classics - Volume 2

Batuta Munteneasca (Romania - Easy Advanced)

  Braul Din Fagaras (Romania – Intermediate)
  Ceili Reel (Ireland – Beginning)
  Cumberland Square (England - Easy Beginning)
  D'Hammerschmiedsg'selln (Germany - Easy Beginning)
  Erev Ba (Israel – Beginning)
  Flying Scotsman (Scotland - Easy Beginning)
  Giuševska_Râcenica (Bulgaria – Advanced)
  Graovsko_Horo (Bulgaria – Advanced)
  Hambo (Sweden – Intermediate)
  Hora de Mâna (Romania - Tricky Beginning)
  Hora Medura (Israel - Easy Intermediate)
  Village Pravo Horo (Bulgaria - Easy Beginning)
  Vlaško Horo (Bulgaria – Intermediate)
  Ya Abud (Syria/Israel - Easy Intermediate)
  Yibanei Hamigdash (Israel – Beginning)
  Zemer Atik (Israel - Easy Beginning)
  Dance Little Bird (Switzerland - Easy Beginning)

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