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The 50th anniversary of Christmas Around the World and I’m Still here!!!!!!

This is a time for celebration, of coming together to renew friendships from our years in the International Folk Dancers and the most important message is that I will see you again with a big Thank You for helping to make this one of the most successful dance programs in the world.

We’re going to bring back choreography that you danced as well as a brand new suite. There are plans for the alumni to participate in the opening extravaganza. We need you, we want you, and with advanced planning you can be there.

We want to plan the events so you are with your friends from your tours and years. An alumni breakfast will be held on Saturday, December 5th for us to join together with that invisible bond that makes us ONE and we can visit, enjoy a great breakfast, and relive memories that are still so much part of our lives.

I’LL BE THERE WITH CHRISTMAS BELLS ON. The Lord has given me excellent health and a keen mind. At 92 you will each be my favorite Christmas present that I will treasure as we meet and relive the happy days at BYU. If I can do it , so can you. And I promise that you will enjoy every minute so much you won’t want to see the weekend end.

I am going to write regularly on the alumni web site to share with you all the exciting developments as they take place. I want you to be part of the planning as well as enjoying the final product of our 50th Anniversary of Christmas Around The World. We need your name, year in the folk dancers, home address, telephone number and with technology flying high, most important, your email.

I am so excited to see you. The alumni and current faculty will be working together to bring the most spectacular show to the Marriott Center that has ever been seen. Watch for exciting details surrounding the opener so you know the show will start with a BANG. We will provide details regarding the alumni breakfast, and most important make sure you mark the alumni web site as a favorite so you can return and get caught up on the latest developments as they are made available. We will have details for rehersals, open houses, homecomings, and practice schedules as this great event gets closer.

Only five more months to get is all put together for the party of the year! Get out your calendar and put down the dates of Decemeber 4th and 5th.

It is the INTERNATIONAL FOLK DANCE ALUMNI 50 YEAR CELEBRATION and I plan to see you there!


The following is a copy of the speech Mary Bee Jensen gave in March 2005 at a World Dance Division awards banquet.

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