In Memoriam


Remembering Our Friends

As we pay tribute to our folk dance friends who are no longer dancing among us, it is fitting to remember those sentiments that each of us have sung so many times, to so many people, in so many places, throughout the world. 

     God be with you till we meet again.

Knowing that this list may be incomplete, please inform us of others that we should include. (


1969-1984   Allen, Don (leadership, director, dancer)

1978-1981   Babcock, Ron (dancer)

1979   Barnes, Angus (dancer)

1970-1973   Benschneider, Don (dancer)

1969-1972   Bingham, Dave (dancer)

1980, 1989   Bramhall, Dorothy (tour leadership)

1967   Brown, Richard (musician)

1970-1971   Bunting, Steve (dancer)

1976   Cameron, Elliott (tour leadership)

1970-1975   Carter, Jeff (dancer)

1966 -1968   Christensen, Lars Odell (dancer)

1959-1960   Clark, Robert (dancer)

1997   Conlee, Marianne (tour leadership)

1956-1959   Durfee, Lyman (dancer)

1969-1974   Farr, Lorna Kerby (dancer)

1971-1973   Firmage Ellis, Becky (dancer)

1974-1978   Gandy, Kim (dancer)

1970-1974   Graf, Kathy Swensen (dancer)

1964   Goodwin, Julie Corbett (dancer)

1964-1966   Hopkinson, Gary (dancer, technician, tour leadership)

1970-1974   Holt, Cary (dancer)

1971-1974   Hutchings, Jeanie (dancer)

1980-1995   Jacobsen, Phyllis (tour leadership)

1956-1985   Jensen, Don (tour leadership)

1956-1985   Jensen, Mary Bee (founder, director, mentor)

1980-1984   King, Kim (musician)

1966-1968   Larsen, Ken (indian dancer)

1976-1977   Leppanen, Ike (dancer)

1971   Mott, Beverly Hurst (dancer)

1980-1982   Nelson, Darleis McBride (dancer)

1975-1977   Newman, Sara Foutz (dancer)

1965-1966   Pack, Dallan (dancer)

1989-1992   Painter, Tammy (dancer)

1966-1968   Parks, Cristen (dancer)

1974-2014   Peay, Delynne Butcher (dancer, teacher, director)

1994   Phillips, LaRue (tour leadership)

1974-1978   Porter, Allen (dancer)

1963-1965   Reynolds, Connie (dancer)

1987   Richards, Nancy (tour leadership)

1977, 1987   Shaw, Don (tour leadership)

1970-72, 1974-76   Spencer, Jack (dancer)

1965-1968   Tucker, Terry (dancer)

1957-1959   Welton, Robert (dancer)

1996-1997   Wilcox, Julene (musician)

1971-1973   Woolf, Barbara Pryzbezewski (dancer)

Mary Bee Jensen Memorial Tribute

Mary Bee Jensen, In Loving Memory

The passing of a dear friend, leader, teacher, and mentor.

As part of the BYU family, we regret to inform you of the passing of Mary Bee Jensen, April 13, 2018. Mary lived to be a young 100-year-old. 

If you wish to donate to the Mary Bee Jensen Endowment, you may do so here.


BYU Folk Dance Alumni

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